Aug. 26th, 2009 11:16 pm
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I almost feel like catching up with Naruto. Almost. Now that I'm not mad about Itachi anymore, I... need to pick a new favorite? Haha.

On Itachi

Aug. 25th, 2009 10:43 pm
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I really like this mini-essay about Itachi. I especially agree with the first part, and it pretty much explains why I'm not an Itachi fan anymore. My relationships with manga characters rarely change in such radical ways, but... yeah. I liked Itachi more back when he was a plain old sociopath. Now he's a martyr with reasons and motivations, and, erm, I kinda hate his reasons. Thankfully, I still have Kisame, who's a delightful bastard; oddly enough, his sadism doesn't squick me the way Itachi's choices do.

Manga Notes

Aug. 7th, 2009 10:00 pm
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1. New Prince of Tennis #10-11: fine, so Konomi is not the very best writer in Shounen Jump (no offence, my soul belongs to Ohba and Hotta), but sometimes he makes me stupidly happy with panels like this one. I mean, Atobe is being so... openly playful with Hiyoshi here. Um, don't mind me, I'm a shipper. But really. Atobe is patting Hiyoshi's butt with a racket! Eee! ♥ In the Prince of Tennis universe, this certainly counts as a very erotic gesture. Yes. You know it does, Atobe, you shameless person. Oh, Konomi. All available scans are in Chinese, so I don't understand their lines, unfortunately. Ah well, someone will translate them eventually, and then I'll write a post about the actual plot. Right now, however, my mind is filled with porny Atobe x Hiyoshi thoughts.

2. Hiramaru and Eiji are the funniest guys in Bakuman, I swear.

3. Naruto #459: I don't even follow this series anymore (...mostly due to the whole... THING with Itachi), but woah, what an emotional chapter. And yeah, in case you wonder, I still want Naruto to save Sasuke because that's sort of the whole point of Naruto to me.

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